Hardware – Network 101

Most companies (and many individuals) operate some sort of networked computer system. Hardware is any physical component attached to, or used with your networked computer system.  The personal computers (and all their components) The servers, routers, switches and cables that allow multiple computers to share information and devices. The phone system (if it is attached to your network)… Continue reading »

Hardware – PC 101

Hardware is any physical component attached to, or used with, a personal computer (or your computer system).  For a personal computer: The most basic components of the computer itself: the computer case, monitor, keyboard, speakers and mouse.  The things inside the case that you can’t see: motherboard, CPU, RAM, power supply, sound card, optical disc drive and hard… Continue reading »

Security 101

Data, identity, trade secrets, financial information — the consequences of a breach in your system’s security can be devastating. Yet the most common breaches can be avoided simply and inexpensively. Consider… password protection, secure backups, surge protection, router settings, secure internet connections and anti-virus software. See our list of must haves for your system’s basic security needs.

Backups – 101

Q . Should our company have a plan for regular backups? A. Our technology experts say there are two types of computer users, those who backup regularly and those who have never experienced a systems crash. If your machine or network has ever lost your data - documents, pictures, important emails – you know the importance of regular backups. Q. How… Continue reading »